Monday, May 17, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation for Moms

So. Has anyone else had a laundry list of crazy unexpected bills this spring tumbling down on your head? Surely you can just say "yes" to make me feel better. I've been putting things like doctor bills and groceries on my credit card, we've been so overcome by atypical expenses (furnace blow-out, blinds repair, medical expenses, dental expenses, garage door repair, broken furniture, the list goes on and on....) in the past several months. It's not pretty. I'm supposed to be signing my daughters up for little summer activities--we don't do much but a few weeks of swimming lessons or toddler tumbling is always good--but when your monthly budget reads zero in most categories and it's only the 17th, well... Sigh.

Then again, the weather FINALLY turned spring-like, IN THE MIDDLE OF MAY, so that's a positive development. And writing my book is going well. (I'm studiously overlooking the fact that I don't have a book contract or any reason to believe this book will ever see the light of day other than my own conviction that IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.) Oh, and I'm a runner again (even if it is kicking my ass because I'm two months out of shape right now).

But, kindergarten graduation is coming up, and I'm truly dreading it. I thought sending my firstborn off to kindergarten last September was hard, but I really get it now how the moms I know with older kids kept talking about how it's first grade that's really the milestone, the giant leap, the moment of tears and panic for the moms. First grade is all day, unsheltered, big kid stuff. She'll be without me for over seven hours a day. How am I to know she'll be OK for all that time? I won't be there, so I can't know. It's awful. Plus, doesn't it seem like kindergarten just started? This conversation seems like it took place about a week ago.

So I'm pretty sure I'll be sobbing during kindergarten graduation. Please look away if you are there too. It's going to be embarrassing I am sure.

Money stress, family stress, parenting stress--fun times, right? The good news is that the Stress Diet is the most effective diet ever. I've lost 13 pounds recently and none of my clothes fit anymore. Um, I guess that second part is actually bad. Because it's not like I have any money for buying new, smaller clothes.

Happy Monday, people! I hope you are less stressed out than I am. I'm going out to enjoy the weather now. A faraway friend sent me a message the other day recommending such mood-enhancing actions when overcome by distress. And she's not even a psychologist!


Donna said...

I have to agree with you - kindergarten is a huge milestone, but first grade seems so much bigger. I don't know what it is (and for me, it's not the time spent in school - K here is full-day). Maybe it's because we're entering in number grades (1st, 2nd, etc.). I don't know. But, I feel like my big boy *really* is a big boy and not so much a teeny little guy anymore.

God help us when our littles are entering first grade. We'll be a wreck! At least we can commiserate together!

Fritz Bogott said...

We've been having a tough spring too. Hang in there!

Mila loved first grade! You should file first grad under unalloyed-wonderful-thing and be anxiety-free about it unless you get evidence to the contrary! (Easier advice to give than to take, I know.)

I have the books and DVD and metronome and stuff to practice Chi Running if you wind up wanting to refine your barefoot- or flat-shoe running form. The guy who teaches Chi Running in the cities is also nice, helpful and not pushy.

I've been digging through your old posts trying to figure out whether the Stress Diet is a written-down thing or something you're improvising. I could use a stress diet!

Shan said...

Ha ha ha ha....the Stress Diet goes like this: 1.) Experience multiple life stressors. 2.) Become so stressed and anxious that you lose your appetite. 3.) Run.

I don't know if I can really recommend it. It involves lots of insomnia.

Fritz Bogott said...

Oh, THAT stress diet. I sleep and eat when I'm stressed, alas.

Shan said...

@Fritz: Oh, I've done that too. It all depends on the nature and amount of the stress. ;)