Friday, May 07, 2010

The Mother's Day Note You All Deserve

Happy (early) Mother's Day to every mom in my life--the one who raised me, the ones of my best childhood friends who loved me too, and all the fellow-mom friends in my life right now, who make my mothering life bearable, wonderful, and a whole lot of (painful, hard-won) fun.

Watch the "note" below by writer Kelly Corrigan (whom I adore, by the way. Check her out! Her writing is AMAZING and she has an awesome website), and know that I think you are ALL awesome moms.


Mommy Lisa said...

Okay- I will go cry now. *sniff*

You are doing a great job MOM!


Mnmom said...

We all DO deserve that note, don't we. Guess we just have to remind each other. You deserve ALL their gratitude and love Shan, even though you mostly get the screams and complaints.

Shan said...

Hmmm, Mnmom, that last sentence in your comment applies just as well to you. :) Thanks, fellow moms!

Anne said...

what an amazing note! and thank you for alerting me to yet another great author! I love her site and am on the library list to check out Lift.