Monday, May 24, 2010


So over the weekend I finally finished painting the guest bedroom. I know, I know: you're wondering how in the world could it take three weekends to paint one tiny bedroom?! (Four if you count the taping and prepping of the walls.) Well, actually, if you're a mom of small children you're not asking that. The rest of you might be.

I tell you, there's the painting, yes. But there's also the snacks and meals to prepare and the laundry to switch over and the cooking to do and the baking of the rhubarb muffins and the bottoms to wipe and the kid swimming lessons and the grocery shopping and the afternoon when your mother-in-law came to town for the day.

You see why I am quite sure that it will take me the next five years to paint the rest of the bedrooms, and the baths.

And also why I am hiring out the entire common living area of the house to professionals. Good Lord, I'd be painting till my hair turned white if I tried that myself. I'd be painting so long, when I finally finished it would be time to start over again.

It's a crazy time of year. Schools are ending, and my daughter has her birthday coming up, and there are all these events going on related to spring and the end of the school year--the family year-end ice cream socials and picnics and field trips and Kindergarten Graduation. You're busy doing all these things like planning your summer playgroups and trips to see the grandparents and signing the babies up for swimming lessons--or, at least, you're supposed to be doing all those things--and yet, actually, you're just running around chanting, Please just let me get through the next three days and not forget to turn in the school library books on time under your breath.

It's all about the moment. Don't talk to me yet about craft supplies for making wands at my daughter's fairy birthday party. I'm just trying to remember to pick up my photos from the last day of preschool and plant that poor tomato seedling that is languishing in its plastic carton on the patio table. I'm just trying to take the blue tape off the walls of the guest room before the grandparents come to stay.

I'm just trying to burn every moment of "The Last Weeks of School, Ages 3 and 5" into my memory.

Please don't let me forget what my girls were like when they were only three and five. Please. Please.

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Mom and Kiddo said...

I'm currently painting Kiddo's room, and just choosing a color is taking weeks. For once I'm grateful for the tiny (I mean TINY) room.