Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'll Say it--Yes!--Again: Where Does the Time Go?!

Today is Genevieve's last day of nursery school (in the Threes class) for the year. Can you believe that last year at this time I was agonizing over whether I should send her to preschool this year or not, as the second-youngest child in her cohort? And it ended up being a great year for her--aside from the inexplicable two-month span when she cried every day at drop-off for no discernible reason--and she's loved it. She's sad that it's over for the year, and she can't wait until her mini-week of summer school in July and next year when she'll go three mornings a week in the Fours class. And, just as importantly, it's been a good year for me to have her at school for five hours a week. I got a little break from her so I wouldn't lose my mind quite as completely or as fast as I would have otherwise, and I got to use some of those hours to work on my book. It was all good.

Plus, you know, this child CAN READ CHAPTER BOOKS, so....I think a little school is appropriate for her.

So this morning at 11 I get to pick up Julia from kindergarten and then go to the nursery school for the annual end-of-year family ice cream social. And remember doing this same thing the past two Mays for the end of Julia's preschool years. Funny how time flies like that. Genevieve used to be the baby tagging along at preschool ice cream socials. Now she's the preschooler getting her picture taken with her teacher on her last day.

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Mnmom said...

Remember that song "Turn Around"? That's how I feel as a parent, turn around and they're 2, turn around and they're 4, turn around and they're a young girl going out of the door. It just FLIES! I can still FEEL their nursery school and KG classes and now the twins will be starting their JR year of HS, and L is starting Middle School. Lord I just gave birth to her last month!!!!

I want to talk to you about some time swaps this summer.