Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank God There Were No Mortifying Answers on That Sheet.

The answers my five-year-old wrote on the Mother's Day fill-in-the-blank sheet she made in kindergarten (Julia's answers in bold):

My mom is 39 years old. [Correct]

She weighs 49 pounds. [I did just lose the I-weaned-the-baby-and-gained-ten-pounds weight, but this is a stretch. And yes I know the weaning part happened two years ago.]

She is 50 feet tall. [Maybe in her eyes? Awwww... More likely she has no idea what a reasonable number for height would be.]

Her favorite color is pink. [Also correct.]

Her favorite food is vegie tart. [Veggie tart; actually called Swiss chard and zucchini tart, and yes, it is my favorite food.]

She likes to writ. [Write]

She is pretty when she is in a dress. [Why thank you.]

The best thing I could give my mom is a flower. [Also a little less crying.]

I love my mom because she loves me. [Sweet!]

Aren't five-year-olds grand? This worksheet more than made up for the hand-painted mini-flowerpot she brought home on Friday, that HAD BEEN planted with marigold seeds (reportedly!) until she poked around in it on the school bus so much that she ended up spilling half the dirt, and no doubt all the seeds, on the bus floor and uprooting the paper flower card that had been stuck in there as well. Oops! Gotta love those little kindergartners.


Mnmom said...


Fritz Bogott said...

Yes, Marika said Rachel was sixty feet tall.

May we have the recipe for the tart? We eat a couple of savory tarts (including the Basque-ish piperade tart from the New Basics cookbook) but not that one. Do you use a store-bought crust? Butter? Crisco?

Donna said...

So, so sweet.