Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Yesterday Was a Good Day.

Yesterday was a good day. Genevieve accompanied me to a dentist appointment, and she got a prize. I won two games of Candyland. I simultaneously cooked a delicious vegetarian dinner while playing soccer with my daughters in the backyard. (Yes! Really! I will not tell you my secret as it may diminish my superhuman powers.) Before bedtime, I read a chapter book to the girls under a big fuzzy blanket up on the king-sized bed, the three of us propped up with tons of pillows and a giant stuffed orangutan named Mike. And, mimicking Julia's recent attempt to think of a title for my book, Genevieve presented me with the following hand-written list of potential titles (please note: my book is not about most of these things):

* "Good Kids"
* "Kids Go to School"
* "Peanut Butter"
* "Bagels"
* "Happy Mom"
* "Birthday Cake"

Then the girls went to sleep and I wrote another few pages of my book. I'm loving May so far; how about you?


Rita said...

You're writing a BOOK?

Oh I am so impressed/jealous/awed.

You go girl!

(Can loyal blog followers read the first draft? ha!)

Shan said...

Rita, I AM writing a book! I do not have a contract, but I decided to write it anyway b/c even if it never gets published, I am writing it for my daughters one day. It is a "modern stay-at-home mom manual" based loosely on this blog but also including a "self-help" focus based on my professional work as a psychologist and wellness coach. I am debating whether to write up a proposal with some of the chapters I already have, in order to send it out and try to find some interest in it, or whether to just write the whole thing and then give it a shot. It's one of my "life list" goals. :) You are so sweet to be so encouraging! It's fun but very hard to find the time.

Lori said...

That's it. I'm calling my next book "Peanut Butter."