Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dead Fish Water in My Ear. Yes. IN MY EAR.

I'm trying and trying to think what interesting things I could tell you. I know I haven't been up to my usual writing frequency lately, and most of the time I feel like, though I'm insanely busy running my family's life and raising children, none of it would be of any interest to you. In that spirit, a few unrelated thoughts:

Thanks for all your enthusiastic reactions to the skinny jeans! Too bad I bought skinny jeans immediately before the season when it is too hot to wear skinny jeans (or any jeans).

Speaking of skinny jeans, here are two truths about losing one's appetite and subsequently losing fifteen pounds: 1.) Losing weight is awesome, especially if you're a runner. But 2.) Losing weight means your clothes, even new ones you just spent money on a couple of months ago, or ones you love that are only a year or so old and that you have no desire to stop wearing, become too big. It's very frustrating. I mean, please don't hate me for being all, Waaah, poor me, I've lost weight and my clothes are too big, waaaah. But still: to put on a very cute one-year-old running skirt and realize that if you wear it, it might fall off before you get to Wall Street Road? Unless you are a celebrity and thus have unlimited money to invest in constant new clothes in different sizes, frustrating. So then you're all like, Well, do I continue at my current appetite/size and have a bunch of clothes that are too big for me and very little to wear on a daily basis even though I am very happy to reacquaint myself with a body I had about, oh, eight years ago? Or do I eat more ice cream and reclaim some disliked poundage so I have clothes to wear? Uh, not a dilemma I particularly enjoy. Sorry; it's true.

So, I recently painted a wall in my house pink. Yes! I did! And I am planning on painting another wall in my house a bold dark red. Yes! Really! This is relatively uncharacteristic of me, even considering that every other wall in my house is currently and/or will be repainted a pale, creamy neutral, which some would consider boring. But, look at that pink wall! And contemplate the in-your-face red! How odd of me. I can't really explain it. I'm not very interested in decorating or color or redoing my house. Mainly I just try to keep it clean and relatively nice-looking in a modest, lower-middle-class sort of way.

I discovered a wood tick in my daughter's scalp this morning as I fixed her hair for school. Ugh.

This weekend, while I was sitting on a germy trashy beach with my family, next to a germy trashy dead-fish-floating lake, a neighbor's rambunctious puppy, soaked to the skin from running in and out of the germy trashy dead-fishy lake, ran over and THREW HER WHOLE BODY AND LICKING FACE INTO MY ENTIRE LEFT SIDE, immediately after my husband and I were privately laughing about the germy trashy lake and the crazy wet germy dog. I am not kidding you. Then she ran off with her jovial owner, leaving me with germy trashy dead-fishy-ness IN MY HAIR AND MY EAR AND ALL DOWN MY CLOTHES AND MY BARE ARM. Worst--and, to be honest, hilariously--of all, my husband and I COULD NOT EVEN REACT, because said neighbors and their dog were mere feet away from us, sportily playing in the germy trashy water and throwing balls to their enthusiastic, wet, germy puppy. OMG dirty. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than an immediate scalding hot shower. Alas, we were at a lake several miles from our town, in the middle of a picnic/beach/playground outing. No shower for me. Just remember this: IN MY HAIR PEOPLE.

Lastly, this is Julia's birthday week--finally the little honey joins all her other kindergarten classmates as a six-year-old, the last in her class to do so--as well as the second to last week of kindergarten. I will not go on to list the insane list of errands, preparations, visitors, cakes, treats, teacher-appreciation presents, and school events I am dealing with in the next two weeks. Just know that, as you are reading this, and as you are wondering why I'm not writing more here, I am doing my best impression of Supermom and am already thick in the swirl of planning and anticipating all the upcoming summer playgroups and swimming lessons and trips and kid swaps and playdates and preschool day camps etc. And wondering if all this means the summer is going to be crazy, not relaxing. And then stressing about the summer not being relaxing enough. But also feeling incredibly glad that I'm a stay-at-home mom and can have full-time summers with my children like this.

Onward to turning six and the end of kindergarten!


Lori said...


By the way, LOVED the skinny jeans.

Mom and Kiddo said...

I have a red wall and I love it!