Monday, June 07, 2010

Eight Little Fairies

On Saturday Julia had her "kid party" for her sixth birthday. We invited six little girls to the party, so with Julia and Genevieve that made eight little girls at our small-roomed house for 90 minutes on Saturday morning, playing "Pin the Wings on the Fairy" and "Flower, Flower, Fairy" (our fairy-themed brainstorm for Gray Duck) and decorating their own edible sugar-cookie fairy wands and doing an obstacle course in the backyard.

Below are my favorite photos of my daughters from the party. I swear the homemade buttercream on that fairy cake isn't really gray. Well, it's a little gray. But it was supposed to be pale purple. I made the icing on Friday, while simultaneously baking the cake, doing laundry, playing with Genevieve, cleaning the entire house, and watching for the kindergarten bus, and the directions on the back of the food-color box for how to make purple failed me. Three drops of red plus two drops of blue indeed. There were some very hairy moments there for awhile, moments full of gray and cursing, until I decided I'd better quit while I was ahead (?) and distract everyone with pink sprinkles.

It was a great weekend. I can't believe my colicky, non-sleeping, screamer baby is six years old. I honestly remember her first three months like they were yesterday, including the jaundice and the three ER visits and the feeding pumped breastmilk with an eyedropper around the clock and the crying--oh, the crying (hers and mine). Oh my. I can't believe she's six, but I'm glad she's not a newborn anymore.

Oh--and in the photo? The cake isn't really tipping to one side. Really. It's not. Nor is it gray.

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