Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If I'm Not Personally Obese, is it Wrong to Eat Too Many Hershey's Nuggets While Watching a Documentary About the U.S.'s Obesity Crisis?

It seems like all the cool people are neglecting their blogs because they're (presumably) having too much summer fun to write. Living at the pool, roasting marshmallows over a fire, going to the beach. Etc. etc. etc. I'm not doing any of those things, and I am having (mostly) fun, even if I am writing.

However, I'm not writing anywhere else but here. Meaning, ever since my kids got out of school and I lost my 90 minutes of free time per week, I have not TOUCHED the book I am writing. I wrote a chapter a month from January through May, as planned, and now here it is late June, and nothing. See, people? You can't get anything done when you're taking care of kids full-time. Even though Julia and Genevieve have some scheduled, structured activities this summer, there is never a time when I'm not with at least one of them. I know that will happen in time (meaning, in future years), but in the meantime, my book is time-sensitive (to me, anyway)! I need to work on it! And still: nothing! Argh.

Summer is going way too fast. Is it too early in the summer for me to say that? I mean, this is only Julia's second week of vacation. But people, it's late June! School went WAY TOO LATE. It's almost July! And July is the month before August, which is the month before I SEND MY BABY TO FIRST GRADE WHICH REQUIRES HER TO BE AWAY FROM ME FOR 7-1/2 HOURS PER DAY INCLUDING BUS TIME. Gah! I can't stand it. Someone distract me. Quick.

Oh, hey! The sun is out! That's distracting. It's also a miracle, because so far not only has this summer been deemed the Summer of Fun and the Summer of Running, it's also been the Summer of Rain.

Off to soccer and preschool! And no, I can't write during soccer. It's 45 minutes long people, outdoors, with much noise and conversation and many people wandering this way and that and balls flying through the air.

More on summer musings later this week, when I discuss stress snacking in front of a documentary about America's obesity problem. Ahem.

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