Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sixth Birthday Preparations? Yeah, BRING IT.

I just spent the morning making a fleet of sugar-cookie edible fairy wands for Julia's sixth birthday party on Saturday:

(They will have curly ribbon tied around the sticks, and the girls will frost and decorate their own to bring home.)

Genevieve "helped."

(Thanks, Mom, for finding the right sized star-shaped cookie cutter and the oversized lollipop sticks, and sending them to me in the mail in time!)

Then I spent the rest of the morning making 24 of these to bring to Julia's kindergarten class tomorrow at snacktime, for her birthday treat:

(Oops--sorry for the BLUR!)

That would be popcorn, dried fruit, Cheerios, miniature marshmallows, and M&Ms, mixed together and scooped into ice cream cones.

And here is how I plan to transport these precarious treats to school tomorrow:

(That white object in the middle is crumpled paper napkin
to fill the space so the cones will not topple in the car.)

Uh, yikes?


Angel said...

Hmmmm, we may have a copy cat fairy party in the works! Gracie is still deciding what she wants, but a fairy party is high on the list! Oh well, at least we know they will have fun at each others parties. :)

Shan said...

Angel--No kidding, they won't care one bit, they'll love it all even if they do both have fairy parties! At this age it's not like showing up at the Oscars in the same gown as that other starlet, right? ;)

Mnmom said...

Looks like tons-o-fun!! Hope it all goes well and all the little fairies enjoy their day. Happy Birthday J!!

Mom and Kiddo said...

So cute!

Anna said...

those are really super cute, the wands and the cones!

Mom/Nonna said...

Well, by now you have probably made the drive to school but I might have chosen a deep cardboard shoebox for the transporting! I hope you made it there without a catastrophe! Julia must be so excited!

Shan said...

Transport of the cones went a-OK with no problems! Success. :)

Mommy Lisa said...

WOW! Those treats for school are GENIOUS! I am stealing for next year.