Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer of Fun

So if summer 2007 was Retro Mom Summer, and summer 2008 was The Summer of Extreme Stress, and summer 2009 was The Summer of My Discontent (a.k.a. The Summer of Sitting in the Hallway), then I am bound and determined to make summer 2010 The Summer of Fun (also the Summer of Running). Susan Wagner had The Best Summer Ever last year, after all--why can't I have The Summer of Fun?

My girls are a little older now, and since I'm flirting with the idea of dropping naps in favor of Quiet Time (you'll recall I did this last autumn for three full months, but it didn't take)--in order to ease bedtime drama and gradually acclimate Julia to nap-free days in anticipation of first grade--well, it makes me think about more day trips and out-of-the-ordinary adventures. After all, when your babes aren't napping, you've got a whole lot of daylight to burn, you've also got the freedom to throw the kids in the car at 1 p.m. and head to the next town over for ice cream or a children's concert. And, if you're not going to get your parenting break while the kiddos nap, then why wouldn't you get out of the house and do something fun?

To kick things off right, later this morning after Julia's first "baby soccer" (as I like to call it) class, I'm taking the girls to a special toddler storytime at a big Barnes and Noble in a nearby Minneapolis suburb. On Wednesday, when the sun is forecast to finally make a reappearance, I'm toying with the idea of taking them to a free hidden gem of a tiny zoo in the countryside 30 miles away. Summer of Fun, I tell you. FUN!

Oh, the Running part? Well, the way I figure it, you've got to balance out all that fun (and ice cream) with a little discipline and rigor. After a Spring of Arthritis and Minimal Exercise, I'm excited to pound out the miles this summer. My goal is to never skip a run--unless it's over 90 degrees or raining hard--from now until Labor Day weekend. Pray for healthy joints.

See? Summer of Fun, Summer of Running. It'll be good.

What do you have on tap for summer?

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Rita said...

See there? You've already got me beat. I had to skip my run this morning due to FLOODING!

11 inches of rain so far today at my house.

Someone build me an ark, preferably with a running deck ; )