Monday, June 21, 2010

Where Are We on the Fun-O-Meter?

Quiet Time, blah blah blah. My daughters are napping again.

Why in God's name, you ask? Well, let me tell you how it went down. On Friday, after baby soccer and a run to the library and major grocery shopping for imminent mother-in-law visit and a picnic lunch, my daughters ASKED TO NAP. At 12:30 p.m. (a half hour earlier than usual). Then Julia asked to SKIP HER NAPTIME STORY in order to get to bed sooner.

No, they hadn't been awake till 10 p.m. the night before. No, I had not dosed them with children's Benadryl. They were TIRED, PEOPLE. And when you are tired and you are little, you take a nap.

And so it goes.

In other news, the Summer of Fun continues in its wobbly vein. Recently: strawberry picking (Fun); soccer (Sometimes Fun); playdate with kindergarten friend (Fun); crazy storm complete with tornado siren (Not Fun); splash pool and running through new, wacky sprinkler (Fun); babysitter (Fun But Worrisome to Toddler); fussiness and crying (Not Fun but Normal); baking Reese's Piece's Brownie Cupcakes, homemade pizza dough, and buttermilk strawberry muffins (Fun); timer on dryer breaking (Not Fun).

Not too bad on balance, right? The Summer of Fun is a work in progress, people. Believe me, it's only going to get better.

Oh, and the Summer of Running? Well, on Friday I ran in blazing sun and high humidity and crazy wind and got a pain in my torso so severe I had to walk the last half mile home while I wondered if a person can crack a rib from running hills. (I did not have a cracked rib.) But then Saturday evening I ran at 8 p.m. in clear, dry air and fading sun and no wind at all, and I powered up and down all my usual hills like a mama on a mission, and it was awesome. Go figure.

This week the babes are in morning preschool summer school (Genevieve) and soccer (Julia), so maybe that will be enough fun for everyone. Oh, and after all that, I'm sure we'll be napping.

Blah, blah, Quiet Time, blah, blah, blah.


Mnmom said...

Truly there will come a day when napping is no longer an issue. However Facebook will be.

Shan said...

@Mnmom--Ha! No kidding. It is so funny/weird to think of naps/no naps no longer being an issue. It will just be gone from our lives, no matter what we do right now! So strange. I mean, it's obvious, but after 6 years of naps (or no naps) it's hard to imagine.