Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Give Up, Weather.

I have lived my entire life in the Upper Midwest, including some of the most extreme weather places possible. You know, places where it routinely gets down to 20 below zero (with 30 below windchill) in January and 90+ degrees (with 90% humidity) in July.

But in the past 4-1/2 years that I've lived in my current southern Minnesota rural college town, I swear I have experienced more hailstorms, extreme winds, torrential downpours, and tornado warnings than I have previously in my entire adult life. I mean, five months after we moved here, the wind blew our entire patio furniture set into the neighbor's yard. A few months after that, when Genevieve was a week-old newborn, a thunderstorm/hailstorm so severe blew through town that softball-sized hail ruined literally every roof and exposed vehicle in town (including ours). Every summer things blow out of our yard and my flowers get drowned. We often get an actual RIVER OF WATER flowing through our backyard during a storm, the rain comes so fast and heavy.


The latest weather-related problem is that the rainstorms here have been so extreme this summer that our roof has succumbed, and we now have a leak in our master bath ceiling. When it rains, water drip-drip-drips out of the ceiling and onto our floor. We have a water mark around our bathroom fan fixture. We have a bucket to catch the rainwater on our bathroom floor. Have I mentioned that our house is only 9 years old, and the roof was replaced after the above-mentioned hailstorm (so is only 4 years old)?

You win, weather. I get it: you're extremely powerful. You can stop now.

(Have I mentioned that you can count this as, oh, number six or seven on a list of the things in/parts of our house that have broken so far in 2010? Clearly at some point we angered the gods of home ownership. Also the gods of prosperity. BECAUSE ALL THIS STUFF COSTS MONEY TO GET FIXED.)

Next up: Read all about how we have forgotten to teach our six-year-old how to tie! Oops!


Mom said...

Your first call needs to be to the company that replaced your shingles after the hailstorm. They are responsible. do have homeowners' insurance?? I realize there is a deductible but still, if it's an expensive repair, it's worth it.

Shan said...

Yep--we know.

Mnmom said...

Get Johnny C to "talk" to them. He'll get some action!!

This weather is just crazy! I know I've said this before, but in my first 36 years of life in Iowa I went to the basement maybe twice. Then I move here in '97 and spend much of every SUMMER in the basement.

Lori said...

The homeowner's association should call the roofing company-- no part of that is your issue!

Shan said...

Sadly, the homeowner's association IS me. No, not quite, but it's my husband. More seriously, our townhouse association is a volunteer board made up of all of us. My husband is currently finishing out his last few months of a 3-year term. (Yes, 3 years. GAH!!!!!! Help us. Torture. Terrible.)

So anyway, when something goes wrong it's just one of us who has to deal with it. Yes, this sucks. No, we did not understand all this when we decided to buy a townhouse. Although we (I, at least) love where we live. I just wish someone else was the townhouse association.

Donna said...

My goodness. Good luck with this!

And selfishly, I'm glad the weather was 'normal' when I visited. I would not have wanted to drive in tornado weather (though the reason for my flight being canceled was thunderstorms & lightning).