Monday, July 19, 2010

I Refuse to Think About The Scandalously High Price of Pool Admission or the Fact That Summer is Finite.

The Summer of Fun is flying by, and perhaps you are wondering how it's going. What fun things we've been doing and all that?

Aside from trying not to dwell on how fast summer is going, I've been keeping my kiddos busy with plenty of fun adventures. Here are some of them:

Going on a day trip with friends to a fantastic (free!) native-rescued-animals zoo and park an hour from our town, amidst the woods and rolling hills of southern Minnesota, on one of the most perfect-weather days of the summer:

Making sand pies in the backyard:

Picking, blanching, and freezing lots of green beans from our CSA farm:

As well as cutting sunflowers, oh joy:

And, perhaps most fun of all, spending every Friday morning at our city pool's Toddler Time, packing a lunch and staying as long as possible, running into all the other moms and small children we know for a sort of impromptu pool party, baking in the sun and eating sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies in wet swimming suits. I hope my daughters remember this, years from now.

However, since leaving a digital camera in your beach bag several yards away while you wade in the pool with your children is probably not the smartest or most secure thing you could do, I have no photos of Friday mornings at the pool. You'll have to trust me that Fridays are the best: all morning at the pool, picnic lunch, quiet afternoons with children napping in the cool dark house, their muscles depleted and their skin still warm. And then, every other week, waking up after nap to go to the farm, to pick more green beans.

Amidst the bills and the repairs and the house-painting and the chores and the usual chaos and stress of nonstop parenting of small children with no help and never quite enough money, this is what matters: the zoo, the sand, the farm, the picnics, the pool. Summer of five and three, of six and four. Summer of Fun.

And then when I start to get too heartbroken about how fast summer flies, I make myself feel better by imagining myself in these awesome boots in October:

They're ON SALE at Title Nine, you all. And even a mom needs to look cute for back-to-school.

What I'm NOT doing these days: working on my book, working on anything else for publication, earning any money, painting any of the other bedrooms, figuring out my life, scheduling any of the school-friends playdates I swore we'd do this summer (my kids don't want to, anyway), running as many miles per week as I'd hoped to be by now. (Though do not fear! I have faithfully adhered to my Summer of Running vow to not skip any runs unless the temperature outside is over 90 and/or it is raining heavily. Or if there's a tornado. Which, this summer, seems to be every other week or so.)

That's all I got, folks. Off to have some more fun.

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