Thursday, July 08, 2010

Summer FTW

Lest you think, from yesterday's post, that I hate my parenting life (I don't, at all. Any full-time stay-at-home mom knows you can hate the minutia of your parenting life--tantrums, skipped naps, laundry, cleaning up someone else's vomit--and still love your life), a sampling of the girls' and my activities this lovely, summer week:

  • toddler-and-parent swimming class
  • playgroup at the park
  • picnic lunches (three times this week, in three different awesome, summery places)
  • six-year-old swimming lesson (bonus: no tears!)
  • Popcorn Wednesday
  • playground
  • ice cream shop
  • movie night
  • visit to our CSA farm
  • road trip
  • toddler time at the pool
  • library
So you see, being home full-time during the summer with children old enough to swim without diapers and sleep (mostly) through the night can be a wonderful, wonderful thing. Plenty of joy, plenty of fun. Tiring, though.

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Mary S. said...

This list makes me happy -- also a little nostalgic for summer in Northfield with young children. If the girls can stay up for it, don't miss the Thursday night band concerts on Bridge Square!