Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Week of Summer Vacation

Hey, everyone. Sorry I haven't written since last Wednesday. Last week was a WEE BIT CHALLENGING, what with the housepainting and Genevieve's injury at the city pool (she's going to be fine; still recovering, but she'll be fine) and Christopher's grandfather passing away, necessitating quick arrangements to get Christopher many hours' north for four days for the funeral. We only have one car, so when things like this happen we have to rent a car so I am not stranded alone with my (six- and four-year-old) babies and no transportation. We live in a small town but I can't walk with two kids to the grocery store or the pediatrician or what have you.

So anyway. A few notes.

The new paint looks fantastic! OK, yes, I realize that for the most part I (well, not me personally) painted new ivory paint over old ivory paint, but honestly---the difference is astonishing. This is because the old paint was original flat builder's grade, and nine years old to boot. Do you know what you get when you combine flat builder's grade paint with two small children over the course of several years? UGLY, is what. Also DIRTY. Also SCUFFED AND CHIPPED AND UNSCRUBBABLE, DAMNIT.

The new paint makes me feel like I'm in a brand new house. Oh, and lest you think I'm the most boring person around, I did have the fireplace outcropping in the living room painted dark cranberry, which looks utterly fabulous. The girls and I have been sitting around staring at the red wall and sighing with pleasure. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

I've been baking, now that my kitchen is once again accessible to me. Why I've been baking when it's 90 degrees outside, I don't know. But a friend gave me a bunch of early-season baking apples from her extended family, so yesterday the girls and I made an apple crisp. Only we added a special ingredient that made it even more scrumptious. Which I will share with you tomorrow, when I write up the recipe. So check back!

Lastly, WHY OH WHY is it the last week of summer vacation already? Seriously? Is it possible? Twelve weeks ago I embarked upon the Summer of Fun with my two little sidekicks, yet sometimes it seems like yesterday. And next week I send my oldest to first grade, which you all know is going to kill me at first. Plus Genevieve moves to the three-mornings-a-week nursery school schedule, and I anticipate more than a few tears from my little Queen of Separation Anxiety at preschool drop-off for the first few weeks, which does not make me excited to jump headlong into September.

Still, cooler weather will be nice (eventually). And maybe once life calms down and we settle into our new schedules, I can start truly running again. Plus, my writing awaits: the book project I've put aside for three months in order to do summer 100% with my daughters, a flexible freelance gig I've just begun to earn some spending money.

And the new paint looks SO GOOD.

Tune in tomorrow for a yummy dessert, and later this week for the Summer of Fun Recap, little-girl version.

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