Monday, August 16, 2010

Lucky Mom

As I mentioned, last Friday was not only Genevieve's family birthday party, but my husband's and my 15th wedding anniversary. I forgot to tell you about the most awesome presents he gave me. First, a runner's ID that my Internet friend and fellow Minnesotan, fitness blogger Mary, told me about:

Isn't it sweet? He even ordered it in pink! Perfect. I run several times a week, all year round, usually in the evenings and always either around the edges of our subdivision, which borders on countryside, or on country roads and wooded trails near my house, so....I really should be carrying ID at all times. This wrist ID makes it easy.

As if that wasn't enough of a gift, Christopher also gave me the t-shirt I've been wanting for literally two or three years:

Except mine is even cuter because it's a bright cranberry color (no longer available on the site, sorry). Do you see what it says? "Lucky mom" on top, "24/7" underneath. Love. You can order your own PeaceLoveMom tee here, and they're even having a sale this week. (I'm not being compensated by either of these companies, by the way; I just love my presents.)

It's always good to be reminded of how lucky you are.

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Mary said...

Isn't the road ID sweet? I love mine! I meant to email you, but I would LOVE the muffin recipe! I need to expand my thinking and realize I can make my own!! :P