Monday, August 02, 2010

Maybe She Was Talking About the Going to Dairy Queen Part?

Over the weekend we took the girls to Mankato, MN, to see the childhood home of Maud Hart Lovelace, the author of the Betsy-Tacy series of chapter books for young girls about Maud's ("Betsy's") girlhood adventures with her family and best friends in southern MN in the early 1900s. The Hart home is fictionalized as Betsy's family's home in the stories. Across the street is the home of Maud's real-life best girlhood friend, Frances ("Tacy" in the books). The houses are open for tours, and there are other landmarks in the neighborhood that correspond to places Betsy and Tacy visit on their adventures.

Julia has been an avid Betsy-Tacy fan in recent months, reading the first three books in the series over and over. (There are more, but she only owns books one through three, and beyond that they start to get a little too old for her yet.) Sweetly, book one begins when Betsy and Tacy meet at age five, just the age Julia was when she fell in love with the stories. So it was especially fun to visit these houses and see her in the rooms where Maud and Frances spent their time, at nearly Julia's same age and size, getting into all the mischief and having all the experiences that Maud wrote down as stories in her later years.

Both girls were thrilled to go on this day trip and they had a great time, but of course Genevieve's a little young. Julia was more awestruck and excited. In the bathroom of the Dairy Queen we stopped at on our drive home late in the afternoon, she sighed and said to me, "This was the very best day of my entire life!" Then she paused and amended, "Well, this was the very best day of my entire life that wasn't my birthday."


Why yes, I HAVE worn this dress an awful lot this summer.
It's my Summer of Fun go-to dress!


Book Club Girl said...

Well, hey, didn't I read about this trip over on another blog!? ;) I love that you and your husband are both blogging! And wasn't going to Deep Valley wonderful? Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Rita said...

I've never even HEARD of those books (and I confess, I'm sort of a kid-lit fan). Maybe I'll pick them up for Paige to read in a few years.

Also? I adore that go-to summer dress : )

Shan said...

OMG Rita, $20 at Target, I swear. Jersey knit, totally washable, crushable, packable, super soft, comfiest thing ever.

Check back tomorrow. I've got a post going up all about how I stole your blog tagline by accident. ;)

I know, I had never heard of those books either, until a friend of mine gave them to Julia for her birthday. This friend could not believe I had never heard of or read them as a child, since I grew up in MN and the books take place here and are about the author's life here. ???? They're really sweet though. Wholesome.

Donna said...

That is so awesome that the kids can see everything come to life. Awesome!