Sunday, August 15, 2010

Turning Four

Genevieve Rose turns 4 today! She arrived four years ago 1-1/2 weeks before my scheduled C-section, you may recall, which in retrospect is very fitting since she does pretty much everything just the way she damn well feels like, whether it be sleeping in her crib until she's 3-1/2 or wearing the same olive-green shorts and bright-orange t-shirt nearly every day this summer. Or refusing to let me comb and do her lovely hair. (Above is a rare exception, and even that is just two simple clips; imagine how perfect that hair is for braids or pigtails! Both of which she will not consider.) Or crying when I drop her at preschool even though she's been there a hundred times and enjoys it. Or--hey!--reading on her own at age three. You get the idea.

As my friend Margaret says, who knew this little pistol was entering our lives, four years ago? Life will never be boring with her around, that's for sure. Which is one of the many reasons we love, love, love her.


Mnmom said...

She is a force of nature, that one. Happy Birthday!!!

Heidi Kram said...

What a sweetie and spitfire all in one!

Shan said...

We'll see you in 20 minutes for her check-up, Heidi! (Love the Internet....) :)