Monday, September 13, 2010

A Curse on All Those Germy Kids

I have nothing to say other than it is a big fat bummer to catch the first throwing-up flu virus of the school year after only FOUR DAYS of school. On a sunny, warm weekend. During the night. When you were supposed to go for ice cream cones AND A PARADE the next day.

Didn't I say first grade is hard?


Christopher Tassava said...

Bad, all right. But she handled it pretty well!

Rita said...


That is AWFUL. Horrible.

I heard a show on NPR today about the common cold... apparently the highest rate of infeciton is exactly 17 days after school begins. That's how long it takes for all those germy kids to infect each other.

So, HEY! According to NPR you're ahead of the curve. Go YOU!

Anne said...

ah, we have it here too. not quite your version. but fever, red eyes, achy stomach, general malaise, no appetite, rash (fever rash, or the measles????) I hope your girl is all better by now. Lilly's getting there, I think/hope.