Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Grade = Germ Central

I've heard there are children who sleep in a little bit on weekends. Like, later than the time they normally get up for school, which is 6:15 in our house. Sadly, at 6:11 this morning I heard my daughters talking in their room, debating whether it was still the middle of the night or not. I didn't even try to go in and attempt to convince them it was. This is futile. Their father still sometimes (hilariously) does this. Poor man. It never works. I mean, are you kidding?

Julia came down with a cold overnight last night. Nothing major, but I could hear her coughing and sniffling over the baby monitor. (Yes, we still use a baby monitor. Don't judge.) But back to my topic here. Last Saturday she came down with the stomach flu. Today she comes down with a cold. For those keeping score, that is two illnesses within one week of first grade (and within the first two weeks of first grade). Hello, first grade! Where apparently the germs are shared more prolifically than in half-day kindergarten!

I plan to put a miniature bottle of hand sanitizer in her lunchbox.

Again, don't judge.


Mnmom said...

School is FULL of germs. I always make the kids wash their hands when they get home. Then again, think of the immunities she'll have now!

Donna said...

For that reason, I always pack a hand wipe in my kids lunches when they go on field trips. (At my kids' schools, they seem to be fanatic about hand washing and hand sanitizer. We've been lucky so far.)

(hey! My word for the word verification is your middle name! awesome!)