Monday, September 27, 2010

Mom Multi-Tasking

I've been working really hard to make progress with my writing--both paid and unpaid--lately. In the past two weeks I've written an entire chapter of my book plus 18 (short) health and nutrition web articles for (I'm aiming to get up to 10 per week.) Mothering while working, cooking while writing, thinking while running, writing while waiting for children to wake up from naps.

What I've noticed is that the more work I have to get done, the more time-efficient I become. This is eternally, universally true, isn't it? Have you noticed? That if you can get away with it, you spend half an hour aimlessly surfing celebrity gossip sites on the Internet, even if you have better things to do? But once there's a true, meaningful goal (a part-time paycheck, anyone?), you do things like spend the ten minutes between baking muffins and the arrival of the afternoon school bus pounding out five paragraphs on "How to Eat to Raise Your Good Cholesterol"?

Anyway, this kind of multi-tasking is nothing new to busy moms. We're all writing freelance articles while waiting for the school bus, so to speak.

Have a good, busy, productive week, everyone.

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Donna said...

So true!

Happy productive week!