Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Summer of Fun Killed My Hair

Sun, sun, and more sun. Frying my hair like an egg.

So I traumatized my hairdresser again the other day. Turns out that three months of fun in the sun isn't the best for your hair.

She practically shrieked when I sat down in the chair and she got a good look at my split ends. I felt a little validated that there was a good reason why, for the last two weeks, I have been unable to neaten the bottom edge of my hair no matter what product or heat-styling tool I used. Shauna held up the bottom three inches of my hair, which looked like a ragged stretch of dandelion fuzz, only straight and coarse and come to think of it more like a frayed old abused paintbrush, and gasped.

"What HAPPENED HERE?!" she yelled. Um....twelve weeks of spending nearly every day in the hot blazing sun for hours on end with my kids? Including three straight hours of the strongest rays every Friday morning at the pool?

Poor Shauna just about fainted.

Did you know that standing in the sun in the pool is just about the worst thing you can possibly do to your hair? Because not only is the sun blazing down on your delicate strands, but it is being reflected by the pool water?


Seriously, when I explained that for the entire summer--which has been outrageously hot and sunny--I routinely spent at least two hours outside in the sun with my daughters in the mid-morning, and then often another two or so outside in the sun in the mid-to-late afternoon, and then often another hour outside in the sun at about five p.m. for my run, Shauna was all, "Now these split ends make sense to me." I told her it was my Summer of Fun. She told me, "Not for your hair it wasn't."

Too bad the only true solution would be to cut off about three or four inches of hair. Which no doubt would have made my hairdresser very, very happy.

We compromised with about two inches. The rest will go the next time.

Hey, you know what, people? It was worth it. All those hours of frying my hair were hours I was living it up with my kiddos during the best time of year to be a stay-at-home mom, and we loved every minute. Many apologizes to my hair. And my hairdresser.


Rita said...

I thought it was just me! My hair resembles that of Medusa. I would post a picture, but you would turn to stone at the mere sight of it.

That reminds me, I need to call the salon : )

Anne said...

Try a hat next summer?m No seriously, I'm glad I wore a bandanna, though it wasn't to avoid hair damage, but since I have darker colored hair, my head just gets so hot in the sun. It looks very unattractive, but it makes me feel more comfortable. But maybe with your blond hair, you don't have that problem? I can't even have my hair out like you when it's hot, and you have way longer hair than me!!