Thursday, September 23, 2010

Upcoming Election

Is sitting on a turtle presidential?

Mama, I have a dream. Do you know what my dream is? To be the President of the United States.

Me: Awesome!

Julia: I'm gonna TRY to be, anyway.

Me: You could totally do it. You're smart enough for sure.

Julia: Or....I could maybe even be President of the HOUSEHOLD!

Me: Well, if you grow up to be a mama you will be the President of the household. But you can be President of the United States too.


Nonna said...

Go, Julia!! You've got my vote!

Donna said...

Wait... I thought Julia didn't want to be a mother because it was too much work.

Tell her being POTUS might be less work. :)

Rita said...

She has my vote.

Also? How do you manage to get pictures of YOURSELF with your children?

The last time *I* was in a photo was August of TWOTHOUSANDNINE.


Mnmom said...

Tell her to go for POTUS - they have a staff!!

Missy said...

Love it! When I was little I wanted to be POTUS OR driver of the bookmobile.