Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will Work for Food. Or Fake Grandparents.

I realize she looks harmless.

This is what I just posted as my status update on Facebook:

"I am having one of those weeks with Genevieve where I am busy considering how I could potentially hire some nice people to pretend to be local in-town (or nearby) grandparents with whom I could drop her off occasionally so as not to lose my ever-loving mind and all my hair."

Any takers? Get in touch with me.




Mnmom said...

ME!!! We'd love to have some little ones to play with now and then. And they are always sweet as CREAM to others. It's their mother they totally wreck. Seriously, bring them over.

I was continually amazed at how these little tiny people, only on earth for a few years, with the most darling innocent faces, could reach down inside my soul and find anger (and love!) I didn't even know existed. They push every button I ever had.

Mom/Nonna said...

She doesn't necessarily look harmless in that picture, but she certainly looks scary!! So sorry I can't take her off your hands one day a week! Take your Mnmom friend up on her offer!

Shan said...

This is hard for others to understand, but I hate the idea of taking anyone up on their offer when I know that Genevieve would NEVER go with someone else (other than her real grandparents) without hysterical crying, screaming, clinging to my body as I try to walk away without her, and the like. She does this even when her sister is with her. It would be different if she didn't have separation issues and would go easily with another person. But poor Mnmom's daughter is probably still traumatized by the hysterics that ensued the last time we had her babysit for us!

Donna said...

Given G's separation anxiety (and your resulting anxiety), maybe a visit - where you stay there and hang out with MNMom while her daughter watches the girls - is in order.

Not ideal, but better than nothing!