Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dear Parents of Girls

One of my favorite bloggers, Jen of Prior Fat Girl, put this video up on her blog the other day. It's for a new book by Dr. Robyn Silverman, a renowned psychologist, columnist, and expert on girls, weight, and body image, but that's not why I want you to watch it. If you go and buy Dr. Silverman's book after you do--which I will likely do--fantastic. But if you're the parent of a girl, just watching the four minutes below, on their own, might change your parenting life.

I'm a psychologist too, and I have daughters, and when I was practicing, I specialized in girls, women, weight, eating disorders, body image, health, and mood also--much like Dr. Silverman. But you don't have to be a mental health expert to find this video stunning and compelling. No matter your views on weight as it relates to health, there is no denying that our culture's emphasis on weight as indicative of girls' and women's worth in the world is poisonous and sad. And there is no denying that our culture's idea of appropriate body size is not based on a healthy range that takes into account age, stage of growth (i.e. prepubertal vs. in the midst of puberty vs. post-puberty vs. childbearing age/stage, etc.), frame size, height, body composition, genetics, and activity level, but is instead based on super-narrow criteria that many of can't meet even if we eat normally and exercise moderately.

If you have a daughter, please take four minutes to watch it. Do it when you can concentrate, when you can see and read every word. I promise it is worth four minutes of your time. As Jen from Prior Fat Girl says, if you can read this, you're influential. So act like it.

Note: if the video screen above does not display correctly when you click Play, and you can't see the whole image, please go to this web address to watch it there:


Mommy Lisa said...

Gonna go watch now.

Anonymous said...

I'm in treatment for an eating disorder. I've practiced my disorder all of my life - since I was 6. Breaking this lifelong habit is the hardest thing I've ever done.

And I'm doing it for my daughter. I cannot/WILL NOT watch her go through what I have been through.

Thanks for the post.

Heidi Kram said...

This is awesome. I cannot wait to read the book. Thanks!

Anne said...

thank you for alerting me to this!