Friday, October 22, 2010

I Still Think I Should Get an 'A' for 'Thinking on My Feet.'

Yesterday afternoon my dear friend Veronica called from Texas. I don't get to talk to her often enough, but bless her soul when we do talk she actually graciously puts up with things like hearing screaming in the background or having me say, "Honey, put down the cat food!" or "No. No honey in the hair!!!" while she is talking. (She does not have kids, but is sort of the dream childless best friend--patient and empathic and adoring of my children and willing to listen to long soliloquies about potty training or preschool orientation. Can you imagine? What a saint.)

Anyway, I could not pick up the phone at the second that she called, and then when I listened to her message and heard her ask me to give her a ring back, I just had to send off a quick e-mail to her so that she'd know why I wasn't responding. This is what I wrote:

OMG I totally can't talk right now, got your message but am hosting a 3-hour playdate over school vacation and G. is having a tantrum and I am trying to make a fairy wand out of a play recorder (musical instrument), stickers, and ribbon (b/c we don't have 3 wands in our house but we currently have 3 girls). Gah! Save me. ~ Shan

And this is what I made:

I know. I know.

I mean, just...I know. You don't have to say anything.

In my defense, I made that in about 60 seconds. Including frantically thinking of what object we currently own that vaguely resembles a wand shape (work with me here), finding the ribbon from our gift-wrap supplies (in the back of the storage closet) and digging the stickers out of the girls' craft box.

Do I even need to say, the four-year-old rejected the homemade wand?

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Rita said...

This post leaves me feeling like a slacker mom.

And I'm ok with that.