Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Time...

....To make autumn leaf cookies with children! Or, to be more exact--leaf, pumpkin, and apple-shaped cookies. Yes, we did it again. Because it's school vacation, you all! And what better time to make homemade yellow, orange, and brown-marbled cookies in lovely autumn shapes? And also to wake up at the exact same god-awful early time I normally wake up on school days? Because certain small children who shall remain nameless would no sooner sleep late than they would sprout wings and fly?

Also a good time to rake leaves, host a playdate, eat candy corn, freelance-write, run run run run (to work off all those cookies! and candy corn!), play at the park, have Family Movie Night, and go on a day trip to a nearby river-bluff town to see (real) eagles and a huge fancy playground and a great bakery and fall foliage and a giant boot.

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Mom said...

Beautiful cookies! Do all those things now! I hear the weather is about to change!!