Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pick Your Drama: Tree, First-Grade Recess, Snake, Working From Home.

So this morning I had a tree-care company out to our house to give me an estimate for getting our birch and maple trees trimmed. A friend who had just done the same guessed that, given the size of our trees and (assumed) simplicity of the trimming, the price would probably be something like $50 or $60. Turns out it's going to be more like $325, because one tree has girdling of the trunk due to root problems, which will slowly kill the tree, and the same tree also has two main stretches of trunk battling for domination, which also causes problems.

Trees are very complicated, people! Who knew?

All I can say is, THANK GOODNESS I am working these days. I've been freelance writing for Livestrong.com (health and nutrition sections), through a contract company, and keeping up a pace that earns me about $250 a week. I just started about a month and a half ago though, so I'm not sure how it will go, long-term. It seems like such a dream, such a perfect fit for my current circumstances, that I'm afraid at any moment I'll get an e-mail saying the company is folding. Or that they are cutting their writers' fees down to $5 an article. But so far, so good, and extra money like this is the only thing allowing us to get our trees trimmed or sign the girls up for their one extra-curricular class each, or pay the credit card bill for the doctor appointments and school clothes and groceries from July and August. (Big thanks to great friend Lori for tipping me off about this job.)

In other, less boring, news, no sign of the snake for a full week now. Good Lord, the snake! I still can't believe it.

Also, Julia came home the other day crying because no one played with her at recess. Oh, the social heartbreaks of school, so soon! First grade! (We problem-solved, and the next day she asked Olivia to play, and all was well.)

And finally, there is not enough time after school in the afternoon for playing outside, dinner, first-grade homework, a minor chore or two, practicing tying shoes, the occasional bath, and picking out school clothes for the next day while still getting my daughters in bed as early as they truly need to be in bed. Good grief! It's crazy. From 3:27 on, it's like one big Amazing Race. At the very time I'm trying to cook dinner and perhaps go for a run. And write! Write those freelance articles for pay.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: first grade is hard! But good. All in all, good. If only that tree in my yard wasn't wearing girdles and waging battles. Or whatever.

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Rita said...

OMG, I am SO JEALOUS! I would give ANYTHING to be the kind of writer who gets PAID.

Will you post links to your articles so we an oooooh and aaaahhhh over them? I hope so!

Also? We have lots of trees too... and they ARE complicated little buggers, aren't they?