Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things I've Written Elsewhere (And Gotten Paid for It!)

About two months ago I started a freelance writing gig that involves producing brief web-based articles on nutrition and health for well-known health/news websites. The pieces I write mainly wind up on, which is really perfect for runner, vegetarian, supplement-taker, health-food-lover, wellness-coach, health-columnist me. (Just don't tell them I also eat Cheetos and Culver's Pumpkin Pecan-flavored frozen custard milkshakes.) Because I write for a company that contracts with the sites, the structure, length, and parameters of the articles are predetermined; as such, I wouldn't say these pieces are my best writing, and my name isn't even on them. But Rita, at least, hoped to see what I was getting paid to write, so here are a few pieces for your reading pleasure.

Are you trying to eat clean? Read this and suddenly think twice about that candy corn you swiped from your kid's treat stash.

Curious about food additives and ADHD? A very basic primer, here.

Wondering how to improve your cholesterol? Consider these tips and you, too, might end up with my freakishly high HDL level.

And now I am off to take my fish oil supplement and drink my spinach and flaxseed smoothie. Seriously.


Christopher Tassava said...

Well done! (The articles, not the fish oil goop.)

Rita said...

Oh I am SOOOO immpressed! You go girl!

Also? I just got my results for a lipid profile... not good. LDL is 114 and total is 202.

High cholesterol runs in my family, so I'll be reading your cholesterol article VERY carefully!

Anne said...

good for you, I'm so impressed with all you're getting done these days! sorry it also includes a lot of homework supervision and involvement...