Monday, October 18, 2010

Three Straight Weeks of Sunshine

"Which way to the pumpkins as big as my entire body?"

On Saturday we went out to a fall festival at a local pumpkin farm we visit every October. Interestingly, they have several little gift shops there, and the girls and I discovered a china nativity set at one of them. All last fall I searched for a china creche that was affordable, to put up for Christmas, to no avail. This one was lovely, though a bit odd in that there was no stable, but instead three background buildings, a church and two houses, presumably supposed to be Bethlehem. But, eh, that's OK. The set was super low-priced for such things, and then everything was 30% off as well. Score! The girls loved it.

Of course we bought the nativity set. However, when I got home and unwrapped all the pieces to see them more closely, I discovered there were only two wise men.

This is sort of how my life has been going lately.

On the other hand, the creche is really pretty, all shiny and white. And that's sort of how my life has been going lately, too.

This is what I have learned in the past week. That even little new first-graders can be less than nice on the playground at recess. That it IS possible to write a chapter a week. That whoa time is flying if it is already parent-teacher conferences time at school. That sometimes you have to put rude people in their place, and that it is very satisfying to do so from the moral high ground. That watching your girls' faces crumple into tears because their grandparents' long-awaited visit had to be canceled at the very last minute will break your heart. That little girls jumping into leaf piles is one of the most joyful sights in all the world. That everything is better with peanut butter. That pumpkin-pie-flavored frozen custard will improve your Friday night considerably. That you can always say that one wise man stopped to get coffee.


Rita said...

Or, perhaps that wise man got held up in Customs at the airport.

Hang in there, girl. Sounds like life is a roller coaster right now.

dkgp said...

Call Maureen, I'd bet that wise man is sitting around someplace!