Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Babies. Thank God. (Love Them! But Thank God.)

Yesterday I started getting the slightest bit stressed about all the things there are to do during the holidays. Not super-stressed, mind you--just beginning to mentally consider the holiday card list and the baking and the parties and the shopping. You know, the usual.

I don't generally get too terribly stressed during the holidays because I tend to keep the holidays small. But there's no denying that at this time of year there's simply more to do. And this year I am more time-crunched than usual because I am currently working (from home) about 15 hours per week, in addition to being home full-time with my daughters, and I'm also finishing writing a book and collaborating with a published-author friend on the book proposal. In between, I'm reading books on and consulting with people about the publishing process and starting to weekly-volunteer at my daughter's school. In other words, I'm busy. Extreeeeeemely busy.

And so it is once again that time of year: the time to stop for one grateful moment and be happy that it is no longer holiday season 2006, when I had a newborn and was therefore basically getting NO SLEEP AT ALL, and was subsequently doing addled absent-minded things like driving away from Target after leaving a whole bag of Christmas toys in the cart in the parking lot. For example.

Good Lord in heaven. So glad I don't currently have a newborn.

(Love you, Julia and Genevieve! Just glad you're not newborns anymore!)

I know a woman whose husband, after they had had two children and were so sure they did not want a third that drastic measures seemed appropriate, underwent a vasectomy---and then six weeks later she found out she was pregnant with their third. I think about this story often and-- even though this family is happy and thriving, God bless them--it never loses its insane drama. Imagine being THAT SURE you don't want a third baby---and then ending up with a third baby. I would be doing a whole lot more than accidentally leaving Christmas gifts in the parking lot at Target if that happened to me, let me tell you.

And so suddenly my life seems not nearly so busy and stressful. See how that works?


Mnmom said...

A friend of mine did just that and ended up with a 2nd set of twins!!!

Between my sister and I, we have 6 children all born by C-section. When I woke from my mastectomy there she was, holding my hand. In my drug addled haze I said "at least no one handed me a baby".

Donna said...