Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hip Happening Boots

Last week my friend Lori in New York was asking for photos of my new boots. I had been rhapsodizing about them on Facebook, about how normally it's not my nature to engage in retail therapy or brazen materialism, but that these boots have brought me great joy. I saw them over the summer in the Title Nine catalog, and drooled over them for months. They were expensive. But on sale. But still expensive.

At the end of August I got a freelance-writing job that is giving me my own income for the first time in 4-1/2 years. For the most part this money is easing our family life a little bit by paying off credit card bills with charges on them for groceries and the doctor, and by providing cash for things like my daughters' gymnastics class and the occasional school expense. But I have also used it for fall clothes and makeup and salon appointments and face cream. It's heavenly to not have to feel horribly guilty about paying for those things.

I rewarded myself with these boots awhile back when I met a personal fitness goal I'd been working toward all summer. (I ended up finding them for less at another site, though I do still love Title Nine.) They are so, so worth it. They make me inordinately happy. I've realized that even (relatively) broke stay-at-home moms deserve a little materialism on occasion. Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness has never gone without little luxuries for years on end, let alone wondered how to pay the doctor bill.

So here, Lori, are the photos Genevieve snapped of me earlier today, boots and all.

She's a pretty good photographer for a four-year-old, isn't she?

Oh, and please ignore the terribly ugly corner of our playroom in which this impromptu photo session took place.


Lori said...

Super, SUPER cute! Yay for the boots, and the money, and the job! Also-- good job, tiny photographer!

Rita said...

You are SO CUTE!

(and the boots are awesome and clearly worth every penny!)