Friday, November 19, 2010

I Know It's Early, But...

My oldest daughter wrote a letter to Santa about three weeks ago. It may even have predated Halloween. The letter began, "I know it's early, but..."


I understand, though. I can appreciate the need to be on the ball with things. I'm all about the advance planning.

I just hope she realizes a letter to Santa is not, say, a catalog order. Because once I caught her saying something like, "When Santa brings me that Barbie Dream House..." I don't know about where you live, but in our house Santa does not bring $130 toys. Not even for the grownups.

For Christmas this year I would like Santa to bring me a fully furnished and decorated larger house, complete with my dream kitchen--which would include a large granite-topped island, white cabinets, a farmhouse sink with a really cool high curved faucet, and more than one oven--where I can truly live out all my housewifely cooking and baking dreams. But if I get all that, I would also need, finally, a full set of truly high-quality cookware--the kind that doesn't warp and peel in a few years of use so that the simplest act of making pancakes for your family fills you with rage. Please let that cookware be Calphalon, stainless steel, from Crate and Barrel. I know it costs $499, but surely you can work something out. It will last a lifetime! Surely I've spent nearly that already in unexpectedly disposable cheap cookware over my adult life? I would also like a yard for a playset and sandbox for my children. Or--laser eye surgery?

In absence of all that--because I'm trying not to be a distasteful materialistic insult to mankind--I will happily take Friday Night Lights on DVD and some nice metallic charcoal nail polish.

By the way, it's Silk Nog, peppermint-mocha coffee creamer, and chocolate-mint-flavored soy milk season. Rejoice!


Angel said...

Yes, I think Grace believes that she can put in an order to Santa and it will magically show up on Christmas Day. I tried to gently tell her that some things are too big to fit in the sleigh, or that Santa can't bring her everything... but she insists that he is magic and that I can't possibly know what he will or won't bring. Thank goodness that in the excitement of present opening, they usually forget about all the things on the list that didn't come!

Mnmom said...

Good list! I have a nice set of All-Clad only because my sister worked in a high-end kitchen store and let me use her employee discount. Check Craigslist! Good cookware makes all the difference - same with good sharp knives.

I've never seen Friday Night Lights - is it that good?

I may steal this post idea from you, that OK?

Shan said...

Mnmom: Yes of course! Steal away! :) Also, I cannot say enough good things about Friday Night Lights. Have you not read my fevered rants on FB? :) It is an incredibly real and touching drama about life in small-town Texas. Contrary to what many think, it's not really about football. I mean, it is, but really it's not. It's about family and relationships. LOVE IT.

Shan said...

Oops, I guess the word "rants" generally means something negative. I mean, my fevered rhapsodizing about the wonder that is "Friday Night Lights"?

Donna said...

My daughter wants to ask Santa for a bird. I told her that Santa doesn't bring live animals because he doesn't have enough room in his sleigh for all the live animals.

Fortunately, she believed me, especially because we have a cat who has a very bad history with birds.

On a side note, I watched FNL, and really liked it. However, I couldn't keep up with the reruns on ABC Family (?I think that's the station?) and got behind and didn't know what was going on. That was a bummer because it's a good show!