Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mostly I'm Thankful That the Internet Exists. Seriously--What Would You Do Without It? Exactly.

  • Thankful I no longer have to sleep on the floor in the hallway outside the nursery.
  • Thankful I am no longer the volunteer president of the board that runs my daughter's nursery school during the time (some 2+ years ago--and I still think about it!) when the previous nursery school director lied about her intentions and the work she was doing, quit with no warning a few weeks before school began in the fall, skipped out on her last director duties including training the new director, and took money for work she never performed. (Ah, yes. Good times. Thanks a lot, previous nursery school director from 2+ years ago! Hope you and your conscience are having a good Thanksgiving!)
  • Thankful that, despite a number of random chronic family health issues, the only serious condition I can report is an inability to get through even one day as a stay-at-home mom without raising my voice. Can I blame that on my health? Sure. Let's do that.
  • Thankful that I don't have to roast a real turkey tomorrow.
  • Thankful for each and every one of you. Really!
Above all, of course, I'm super thankful for these two little munchkins:

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donna said...

Those two are just so adorable.

I am thankful that we are still friends after all these years.