Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Remember How I Wanted a Nice Surprise?

Is there anything more boring than hearing about how sick someone else is? They're all, wah wah wah I'm so sick, OMG, I feel so terrible, and you're all, Yeah, yeah, who hasn't been there?

So I'll skip all that stuff about how all day yesterday I kept thinking I was getting better and didn't need those antibiotics after all, and then by 8 p.m. I would have sold my whole head just to get its painful throbbing self off my body. And how I woke up at 4:00 a.m. again today because I could not stop coughing to save my life. Seriously, if I had been in hiding from someone out to do harm to me, and them walking past without seeing me depended on my not making a sound, I still could not have stopped coughing. Yikes! That's a creepy analogy.

So since all that is horribly boring, I will tell you something exciting instead. Remember how last year I got an essay published in an anthology, and you would have thought I'd won the lottery with how excited and thrilled I was? And then do you remember that I found that another essay I'd written had been accepted for another anthology? But then nothing happened with that second one for a really long time?

Well, yesterday I got my copy-edited manuscript back from the book's editor for my review. Which means things are moving ahead toward book publication.

Exciting! It's happening! (Again!)

(Side note: I wrote this second essay when my daughters were two and four, and it's about my life back then; it's really odd and interesting and sort of funny to read it now, as if I'm looking into some time capsule and hearing an old voice--one of the harried mom with two toddlers. I'm not saying I don't feel harried plenty of times now too, but there is a huge difference between life with two toddlers and life with a first-grader and a preschooler. Number one: no more diapers. Number two: No! More! Diapers!)

The anthology's title has been changed--these things happen during the publishing process--and a launch date has not been officially set, though the publisher is considering around Mother's Day next spring. I'll keep you posted. Tentative title = "Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career, and the Conflict of Modern Motherhood." Now doesn't that sound like something you'd like to read?

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Rita said...

I will expect a link the MINUTE it's available for purchase!

That is SO exciting! (and I'm totallly jealous.)