Friday, November 12, 2010

This Time it Pretty Much is Just a Litany of Complaints.

OK, people, the weather person on the radio just said we're supposed to get 4 to 7 inches of snow by tomorrow evening. Keep in mind that on Monday and Tuesday it was 65 to 68 degrees here, and sunny.

Also keep in mind that the last time I went running--TEN DAYS AGO before I fell ill (I love that expression, don't you? It makes being sick sound so romantic and almost pleasant)--it was also about 65 degrees, sunny, and I wore a running skirt. (You don't know about those? They're the latest thing and all the rage. Although I've been wearing this "latest thing" for four years. Supa cute, people!)

Then I got sick--oops, fell ill--and missed out on ALL THE BEST RUNNING WEATHER OF THE YEAR. When next I lace up my running shoes, I will be wearing TIGHTS and GLOVES and an EARBAND. I will very likely be pushing my shivering self out the door with reluctance.

So unfair.

Listen, if you're a runner in the Upper Midwest like I am, you know that truly perfect running weather only occurs a few weeks a year. Perfect fall running weather even less frequently--generally just a string of days in September and October, when the temperature is not hot, not cold, the air is not humid, the wind is not formidable, the hour is not yet dark.

Thanks a lot, rampant germs, for making me miss out on this last blast of highly unusual perfect weather.


Did I mention I think I have pinkeye? And that my husband is not yet home?

I will end with a pleasant thought, just to be less annoying for you. Um....[thinking, thinking]...I am starting to no longer hate my recent haircut. In fact, I think I don't hate it anymore at all. I'm not saying I love it. But I think it looks fine. Also, it's sort of nice to not have the bottom four inches of my hair resemble an old abused paintbrush.

See? I'm capable of doing something other than complain. But keep in mind I've been up by 4 a.m. for six days in a row, so I sort of have a right to complain.


Mnmom said...

The hair will grow back, so scratch that off the hate list.

4-7 inches??? I hadn't heard that yet. Grooaaann. I love winter but this string of beautiful weather has been, well, so BEAUTIFUL that it'll be hard to face reality.

Pink eye? Eewww. The glories of the germies our kids bring home is astounding. LC and I can take the kids after school if you just want a nap.

Mom and Kiddo said...

I don't know why the link on the post didn't work for you, but the recipe for the gratin can be found here:

(I've been away from my computer so I thought I'd come over here to let you know)

Rita said...

Honey : (

Being sick SUCKS ASS!

But, honestly, do you run IN THE SNOW? Like, IN the snow? With the running? And SNOW?

HOW? Don't you slip and fall and sprain/break things? Do you have special shoes? Shoes that grip on the snow? Just... HOW?

Girl in Oklahoma where it snows 2 times each year.