Thursday, December 16, 2010

All My Daughter Wants for Christmas is a Growth Spurt.

Yesterday was my six-year-old's first-grade Winter Sing. Our neighborhood elementary school hosts Winter Sings and post-concert Cookie/Cocoa Parties every Christmastime for each classroom. It's excellent; just like I remember from when I was in grade school--the parents all crowd into a room with metal folding chairs and the children stand on risers and put on a little concert of all the songs they've learned from the music teacher this autumn. They play those great elementary-school musical instruments like the wooden xylophones that make that great plonk-plonk sound and that studded cylinder thing with the handle, that you roll in your palm and it goes, metallically, clish clish clish. Julia played the triangle. The triangle! Remember?

I would love to show you a photograph of my daughter standing in the front row if only to show you the adorableness of how she's, like, a foot shorter than half her classmates, and half a foot shorter than the others, only I don't have permission to show all her little classmates' faces on the Internet. She's like a super-cute escapee from kindergarten (in fact, she was wearing the same outfit she wore for her kindergarten Winter Sing a year ago), only fully literate and in Challenge Math.

After the concert four times more people than are meant to be in the first-grade classroom went to the first-grade classroom, to narrowly avoid spilling hot chocolate on one another, misplace the baby sisters and brothers, and tour the Book Nook and the Star Box and the corner with everyone's mailbox. First grade is a wonderland.

Then we came home and I spent an hour and 15 minutes shoveling a chest-high drift of snow off our patio and away from the back door, and my shovel broke in two. The end.


Mnmom said...

She doesn't exactly come from giant DNA, does she? Those sings are just the cutest thing ever. And I love the music they learn at our elem. school.

Rita said...

Aw, you have wee little girls. I'm sort of jealous. My kids are the opposite. Both of them tower over their classmates. Paige was a full head taller than the other two-year-olds during her class performance yesterday. Which made it all the more conspicuous when she began picking her nose with gusto.

Ah, motherhood.

Also? I have never shoveled snow in my life. Ever.

Based on your story, I'm thinking I haven't really missed out on much.