Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are You a Yogi Mommy? Or Would You Like to Be One?

Hi, friends. So, you know I'm writing a book about motherhood and self-care. (Also about, oh, your toddler locking you outside on the patio, the relentless hell of sleeping on the floor in the hallway outside the nursery, and various hilarities related to child-wrangling and at-home mothering.) Well, my longtime friend Tricia Sletten, co-owner and studio manager of the yoga and wellness center Spirit of the Lake, located on Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior MN (just west of Minneapolis), just told me about two new yoga classes the center is offering during Winter 2011, especially for moms, that truly fit into the whole idea that even full-time stay-at-home moms--whose job literally never ends--need and deserve to take care of themselves, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I thought some of my local readers might be interested in these awesome-sounding classes. One is called Swami Mommy--don't you love that name?--, a yoga class especially for moms seeking community and support. The other is Yoga Bonding Postnatal--a new-mom-and-baby yoga class (fun!). There's also a general (non-mom-centric) Intro to Yoga & Meditation class, which sounds like a great way to explore these practices.

And hey--I've known Tricia since 10th grade, so I can totally vouch for her. We'll not comment on just how many years that means we've known each other.

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