Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Gift Ever, in my Entire Life, Ever.

The tag Julia made for one of my Christmas presents.
(S.M.T. are my initials.) Don't you love it?

Genevieve and Julia in their brand-new jammies, Christmas Eve

A few weeks before Christmas, Julia started working on a homemade gift for me. She thought of the idea herself, and worked on it for days. She left the project out on her kid table in the playroom as she added to it, so I couldn't help but catch a few glimpses, but she displayed a really innocent trust that she could just leave a present out like that, for days on end, in progress, so I tried really hard not to see anything.

She made me a cookbook.

"To my mama who really enjoys cooking. To: Mama
Hope you enjoy this present.
Merry Christmas! Love Julia"

It has really priceless recipes (or "recapes") that she devised herself, complete with, for each one, "What You Need" and "What You Do."

"Blueberry Cheesecake...What You Do: 1. Empty 1 box
of blueberries in a bowl. 2. Add 2 blocks of cream cheese.
3. Add 1 cup of flour. 4. Add two cups of chocolate chips..."

"Homemade fruit Dip...What You Do: 1. Put orange juice in a blender.
2. Add the yogurt. 3. Add the strawberrys.
Blend until smooth.
If still Runny add..."

"Snowflake Cookies...What You Do: 1. Roll out 1 bowl of (store Bought
or Homemade) cookie Dough on a cutting
board. 2. Press the cookie
cutter into the dough..."

The stapled-together book goes on and on like this. She clearly put many days of work into all the planning and writing. (Note: none of these are things I actually normally make, even with actual, correct recipes. They just came out of her own head.) At the last page was this note:

"Hope you enjoy cooking and eating these recapes. Love Julia"

Keeping it forever.


Edrienne said...

That is awesome! And most definitely needs to be laminated and kept. A fabulous cook and author in the making!

Mom/Nonna said...

Yes, that's a keeper and the best kind of gift a mama can receive: something homemade, handmade, full of love, and from the heart!

Rita said...

Ok, first of all, HOW SMART IS YOUR CHILD? Look at her handwriting! Look at her spelling! I am SO impressed.

Also? My gosh, I'd be putting that thing in a fire-proof box to keep forever and ever. Sweetest book on the planet.

William crafted me a "plate" and painted it himself for Christmas. I used 17 layers of bubble wrap to protect it until next year.

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

Oops-sorry--I tried to edit my comment but ended up having to delete it. I was saying, re: Rita, that she is super smart, I admit. And I say that not to boast but just because that's the way she is. I swear she was born that way. She could easily academically be in 2nd grade, not 1st--and she's the youngest in her class. But since the height of a 4 year old, that probably wouldn't work so well....