Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Dog Days Are Over

This morning at Target (my third visit in three days, yo!), I ran into a friend I never see anymore, now that her kids go to different schools than mine do. She said she'd seen me in the parking lot on my way in, and at first glace had mistaken me for a college student. I assume she was speaking of my unwashed ponytail and ultra-casual appearance rather than some sort of vibrant and youthful glow, since between the three trips to Target in three days, the nonstop viruses hitting my household lately, the phone consultation I had with an ACTUAL NEW YORK CITY LITERARY AGENT this morning about my book proposal (OMG!), and the 15 hours per week of freelance writing work I'm trying to squeeze into my over-scheduled life, well...let's just say I think my wrinkles are growing wrinkles, and most likely my hair is considering turning gray any second now. But yes, if a friend tells me that from a distance she thought I was a college student rather than a 39-year-old harried mama-writer with too much to do and too little time, I'll take it.

So, the book. I'm writing one, did you know that? It's based on this blog, sort of, only in addition to the stuff about surviving and thriving as a stay-at-home mom from the perspective of one who knows, it also includes a self-help/self-care psychology aspect--seeing as, in addition to being an experienced mom and writer, I'm also a doctoral-level clinical health psychologist. I knew that degree would come in handy again some day.

A lot of movement has happened around my book idea in the past few weeks. It's kept me super busy, and super excited. It occurs to me that the holiday season might not have been the best time to take on the huge project of crafting a proposal and pitching a book to a literary agency. What, I didn't think I had enough to do each day right now?

But it's all good, because things are looking up for me. Oh, and did you watch "Glee" last night?
Did you hear my late-2010 theme song?


Rita said...

I... just... I mean... WOW.

A real live literary agent. From actual NYC.

I am agog. And positively GREEN with envy.

So, do you need someone to read an advance copy? *hinthinthint*

Mary said...

I DID know this!! And I am plotting over here in Mpls too for a book...but haven't jumped in yet! I am SO excited for you, I can't wait to follow your journey!! Happy December!

Shan said...

Rita--I don't have a contract or representation yet though. But this agent is a friend of a friend who is helping me get a good proposal together and giving me feedback on the process. And she's even going to pass my finished proposal on to her colleague for consideration when I get it revised. Holla! But srsly---you would not believe the WORK involved! I'm freaking. In the meantime, I sure wish you lived next door to ME, b/c I need a professional head shot!

Donna said...

Congratulations!! Wow!