Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Just one scene from 2010

2010 was a great year in many respects. My daughters and I had our fantastic Summer of Fun. (And boy was it ever! Remember Popcorn Wednesday?) We spent our 2nd season at our CSA farm. Julia finally stopped crying at swimming lessons. I got a job--and my own checking account! (Woman Power!)

I ran 7-1/2 miles at one time. I sent my firstborn off to all-day school for the first time, and she flourished. Friends had new babies. (And I did not.) Many people--in-person friends, via-Internet friends, complete strangers--wrote sweet, kind, funny comments to me on this blog, ones I loved, laughed at, was supremely grateful for. Julia made me a cookbook. Genevieve learned to read.

I got published on the homepage of BlogHer!

I successfully managed the professional painting of (most of) the interior of our house. I made a new friend. I got another essay accepted for publication in a book. With the indescribably generous guidance of an experienced friend, I wrote a book proposal, consulted with a literary agent about my book idea (and she liked it!), and am set to send the agent my pitch this very next Monday, in the hopes of getting representation, and, eventually, a book deal.

Those are the big things--the things that come immediately to mind when I consider the year in its entirety. But I also know--as is true for all of us--that the majority of good things about 2010 were the little moments I can't specifically remember: hugs and kisses from my babes, tons of fun and laughs and companionship with my amazing friends, the funny things Genevieve said, the art Julia made.

There were bad things about 2010 too, for sure. I mean, I tried to give up sugar for Lent, people! OMG, that alone!
I'm not saying it was a perfect year--but is any? Believe me, I haven't forgotten the dog days. But seriously: job? checking account? book proposal? BlogHer? Summer of Fun? That's a pretty good year.

Being a parent somehow magnifies everything; parenthood makes your highs higher and your lows unspeakably low. Sometimes it can seem like there's just way too much drama in your life, in your household, when you have children. But the thing is, it's the dramatic ups and downs that make each year its own topographical map of experience--the Summers of Fun, the popcorn cart, the 7-mile runs, the bus stop, the playdates, the new babies, the book deals, the inability to self-soothe, the prescription medication, the times you slept on the floor in the hall outside the nursery. Your years wouldn't be memorable without all that, the big and small, the drama, the ups, the downs.

So 2010 as a mama in wonderland was partly hard and bad; and largely really awesome. If you had any part in making the good parts good, I send my love out to you. On into 2011, with whatever wonders (and challenges) it may hold.


Rita said...

Happy New Year! I consider myself one of the New Friends : )

And GO YOU on the book deal. I'll be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed on Monday.

Shannon said...

Rita, you ARE a New Friend. :) And a wonderful one, I might add. Thanks for your good wishes and keep blogging!

Anne said...

Wow, congratulations on all your accomplishments and publications! And that's so exciting about your book proposal being reviewed! Good for you! Been so busy with the holidays haven't been able to keep up with the loop, finally catching up now (somewhat); I enjoyed your article on BlogHer. Hope you feel better soon! And happy new year!