Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Calling in Sick and Annoyed

I have spent most of the last 1-1/2 days in bed. Literally in bed, which means my husband has had to miss work and take over with the girls and I've fallen behind in my freelance writing and my running and, well, my life, I guess. (Hate that!)

I could go on and on about how unfair it is that I'm sick again, when I probably have some of the healthiest habits of anyone you know (spinach smoothies for breakfast every day, anyone? fish oil? vitamins? 8 hours of sleep per night?). And just when I regained my running endurance after the last time I was sick. And just when the weather is pleasant for running. (I'm still bitter about missing the entire last week of nice fall weather in November, the last chance to run in perfect temperatures until next April or May, when the rest of my running-crazy town went bounding by outside my door, headed into the country and Facebooking about the perfect running conditions, while I took yet more Excedrin.)

And I could go on and on about how no mom would ever take a four-year-old to Target just before dinner because they were due to bring preschool snack the next day and had to get Goldfish crackers and milk, and then shop for other, nonessential things while they're there, thus extending the duration of the errand WITH A FOUR-YEAR-OLD JUST BEFORE DINNER.

And how no way in hell would any mom then buy two new children's games while they're at Target at dinnertime on a weeknight when they knew--and knew they would have to tell the four-year-old--that no one would be able to play the new games that particular night, because it was a school night and it was late and they still needed to make and eat dinner and do the first-grader's homework, and there was no other adult to play the game while the first adult did the homework, because the other adult in the house was upstairs lying in bed SICK.

Seriously, moms--would you ever do this? No, of course not. Because you know you cannot buy a brand-new toy for a four-year-old--one who is tired and hungry, to boot--and then tell the four-year-old she cannot play it that night, without setting off a meltdown to end all meltdowns, a screaming fit that would go on for 90+ minutes. BECAUSE SHE'S FOUR.

And if the four-year-old was already fussy and cranky before you lengthened the errand and bought the games, then you really wouldn't add anything else onto your shopping list or buy any games the four-year-old can't play right away.

Moms know this. We don't run meandering errands just before dinner. If we have to go out for preschool snack, we go out, grab it, and get out of there with super-human speed because we know what will happen if the child does not get dinner down her craw in about ten minutes' time. We don't buy toys they can't play with because there's no time that night. We wait and buy them on a weekend when we can go home and open them up right away and try them out. We don't expect a four-year-old to "be flexible"--at least, not about things like games and dinner, at the witching hour of the little-kid day.

Moms know these things. We don't even have to consider them; they're obvious. And while I guess I'm glad to be the all-powerful Oz and all that, and it's nice to be needed, most of these things just seem like basic common sense.

Come on, moms--I can't be the only one who thinks these thoughts.

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