Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Cherry On Top

....Aaaaaand, now I have pinkeye.

I'm pretty sure that if I went crazy with rage and frustration and, I don't know, trashed a hotel room or threw a cell phone at a total stranger, it would be deemed totally understandable and I would be cleared.

Not that I'm planning on doing those things, or that either of them has anything to do with BASICALLY BEING SICK MOST OF THE TIME SINCE THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER. But I am filled with rage and frustration. It's always hard to be chronically sick--yes, even with illnesses that aren't serious, per se--but to be chronically sick as a full-time at-home mom of two with no family in town to help out? It's enough to make you consider moving to Italy or Greece or wherever rich Europeans used to send their invalids to lounge in the fresh air and drink in the healing sunshine or whatever it was that was supposed to cure people of their chronic ills back when people did such things.

Or, you know, undergo some sort of mildly terrifying three-week juice detoxification program.

Or, feel extremely sorry for myself and continue depressively munching on leftover Christmas cookies while I clean the house and try to catch up on my freelance-job assignments.


Mnmom said...

I vote for the last one, because it's more real. But maybe it's just my crazed-Mom-mind reaching for the devil-you-know. If I weren't working today, I'd offer to take the girls for an outing so you can nap.

Kat said...

Oh lord, whatever you do, don't go for the juice cleanse.

Being sick (especially with non-chronic illness-type things) is mostly horrible because something smaller than a grain of rice has managed to totally hijack your body. Keep your head up!

Donna said...

You're a real overachiever, aren't you? (you know I jest).

Take care. Sending you lots of get-well vibes!!