Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Countdown Begins

So I have a birthday coming up fairly soon. It's one of those Major Birthdays. Although I reserve the right to be, um...creative with my age from here on out. To be honest, I've never gotten too worked up by birthdays; I've never felt depressingly old when that date comes around. Maybe it's because for a long time I looked a lot younger than I actually was. (I know this because I was told so on a regular basis.) Notice I used the past tense there.

Now, though, I am starting to feel old for real. Goddamn those wrinkles. And I'm not sure I'm ready to leave my thirties behind, mainly because those years are often really good ones for most women. You're more settled, maybe you have children during that time, you're clearer about your life trajectory in many ways, you're comfortable with yourself in a way you weren't when you were younger. Plus, I am a lot prettier now than I was in my teens or young adulthood--can I say that? Seriously, I just look way better now than when I was twentysomething. So why would I want to give all that up? I guess it's not my choice, though.

No one is every going to call me a young mom anymore! (OK, it may be a bit of a stretch anyway, but still.)

At least I have a week and a half left before the big day.

You know, the day I turn 30.


Rob Hardy said...

In a little less than a month, Clara will also reach a landmark age. The one that you will reach in ten years. Both of you are ageless and beautiful. It was, however, a little strange for her to receive an invitation to join the AARP.

Rita said...

O.M.GEEEEE! You're turning FORTY!

I swear to you (SWEAR TO YOU) I thought you were maybe (MAYBE) 32? 33? (based on your picture).

And now I'm not sure we can be friends. Because *I'm* 36 and I look SO MUCH OLDER than you.

No fair.

Shannon said...

@Rita, that's just because I never post close-ups. Distance hides a multitude of sins.

Anne said...

I'm SO with you. I try to think, hey, I get to choose the color of my hair! but really it is, WHY ALL THOSE GRAY ONES?? My b-day is in March and I'm close to the big one too, you know.