Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Directing You Elsewhere

Where have I been this week, you ask? Well, since my last post I've been busy overcoming my virus and my pinkeye, giving my pinkeye to my first-grader, giving my cold to my four-year-old, waiting for news about my book proposal, and going to see the movie "Country Strong" to further fuel my obsession with Gwyneth Paltrow. (More on that later.)

Since I'm currently a bit busy, I'll use today to tell you about a great website you should be reading. Some of you may know Susan Wagner, of Friday Playdate--one of my all-time favorite mommy-blogs of sorts. (I say "of sorts" because Susan has written about a lot more than being a mom for a long time now.) I'm a huge fan, and not only because Susan taught me how to dress as a stylish mom on the go (I love that phrase), way back when Genevieve was just a baby and Julia was off to her first year of preschool and Susan wrote a mama-style blog called Friday Style. I read Friday Playdate religiously, because Susan is a great writer, and also because her boys are both four years older, practically to the day, than my girls---so her blog has always given me insight into what mom life is like a few years from where I am now.

Anyway, not long ago Susan rebranded herself and semi-closed down Friday Playdate to start a new site focused not on mothering but on living a stylish life (as a mom). It's called The Working Closet--separate from her working closet blog at you should go check it out. You'll be glad you did. And you'll look--and live--stylish(ly), too.

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