Monday, January 17, 2011

I Kind of Felt Like a Stepsister Trying on Cinderella's Glass Slipper.

Over the weekend Julia decided I needed a present. This is why I love children, people. They think you are so fantastic that you should just get presents out of the blue. When I got her up from quiet time, she told me she had been lying on the bed, musing on what she could make for me. She said she first thought about nail polish, but didn't know how to make that.

Later on she came downstairs with my gift. It was a pair of paper, assemble-yourself, homemade slippers. She presented me with two long, narrow, vaguely foot-shaped pieces of paper, colored with marker, two tiny skinny strips of paper "for the straps to keep them on," and four paper clips (two for each slipper) sitting on a paper, colored-with-markers, round-with-handles paper clip holder. She told me I needed to clip the straps on the slippers to use them, and then I could wear the slippers "before bed."

You would have died at the sweet 100% seriousness.

Here are my new slippers.

No, they don't fit, which disappoints Julia. I can get, like, three of my toes through the strap. (And yes, I had to sit there trying them on with total solemnity, as serious as if I were in a real shoe store evaluating a real pair of shoes.) But it's not like she measured my feet first; I mean, come on, what kind of shoemaker does that? Just kidding. They are the cutest, sweetest things you have EVER seen. Also hilarious. But plenty cute.

It just kills me to imagine myself scuffing around the house in flat sheets of paper. OMG, dying. I can't stop giggling about it.

But aren't they great? I bet you wish you had someone to make you homemade paper slippers.


Mom said...

Adrien made a pair for Shenoa once when they were about 6 and 4 but I think he actually used cardboard for the soles so they held up quite well! In fact, I think they are still down in the playroom! So sweet!

Mnmom said...

That is just absolutely darling!

Rita said...

Ok, I was sort of weepy about the sweetness of it all until you painted the mental picture of yourself scuffing around in paper shoes.

Now I'm laughing.