Monday, January 24, 2011

Nothing at All About Gwyneth Paltrow

Because last week Julia was having a hard time going to school, I decided on Saturday to take her out for a little one-on-one mama-daughter time to cheer her up. I needed to get colored sugars, sprinkles, pink icing, etc., so we could decorate Valentine's cookies in a few weeks. (Yes, I violated my personal ban on canned frosting. It just seemed like way too much effort and leftover icing to make my homemade vanilla buttercream. Yes, I realize I could halve the recipe. Yes, I still bought the canned frosting, JUST THIS ONCE.) I figured what little girl wouldn't love to help pick out pink icing and colored sprinkles? So we decided on that.

Then I had the bright idea of taking her to the dollar section at Target to let her pick out something with some money from her piggy bank. She's been getting a wee allowance since she turned six, for doing her wee chores, and she's lost two teeth for which the Tooth Fairy rewarded her with 50 cents each, but she's never yet gotten to spend any of her own money. She had a great time, and it was super-cute to see her walk around and around the shelves, trying to decide what to buy with her dollar bill. She must have changed her mind 20 times. In the end she picked out a perfect little blank scrapbook with a cut-out on the cover. Then she asked me to pay for something for Genevieve too. (We picked out a fancy blank notebook printed with sparkly cupcakes on the cover.)

But what was really cute was how excited she was to go on this shopping trip. She changed into a dress. She found a little purse in which to keep her money. She put on "lipstick" (chapstick).

As my friend Connie said, "Ooooh, I just love six-year-olds!"



Mommy Lisa said...

They are awesome! My boo boo was giving house tours at my FRIENDS open house yesterday. She had her own "spin" on what the rooms were.

Everyone got to make three wishes on the babies room globe night light. And she told you how long to make it come true. ;)

Rita said...

I'm telling you, it's 6 year olds.. but it's also GIRLS.

I can't WAIT for Paige to put on a dress and "lipstick" and go shopping with me. SQUEEEE!

Sarah Bowen Shea said...

My kids ADORE shopping at dollar stores (they call it, "The One Dollar Store") as a treat. Last week my older daughter got a windchime there that is surprisingly pretty, and I've been enjoying listening to it.