Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Forty is the New Thirty-Two.

So I suppose you're all wondering how I feel, now that I'm forty. Forty doesn't feel all that different from 39, to tell you the truth. This may be because, in my mind, I'm still 39. And I always will be. No, no, I'm joking. People have been telling me all week that your forties are supposedly awesome. I hear Oprah says you haven't even truly arrived in your life until your forties. If that's the case, now that I'm here, I expect to be greeted with someone to carry my bags and maybe a nice little mini-bar. Or at the very least, a cold Diet Coke.

No, no, no--actually, I prefer to focus on the pronouncement my friend Kathy made to me the other day, the day that I found out I am FIVE WHOLE YEARS OLDER than she is despite the fact that our daughters are the same ages, and then had a heart attack when I realized that by the time she finally turns 40, I will be FORTY-FIVE. I realize that is simple math and should not constitute a major realization. However, I just about fainted at the time. Thankfully, Kathy told me that I'm so hip, in shape, and rocking the whole nonstop-active-mom gig that I seem more like, say, 32.

So there you have it. Forty is the new 32. My mantra for the entire year. Just go with it.


A Joyful Chaos said...

I think I'll hang onto that for the day when I turn 40.


Mnmom said...

I think our 40s ARE the new 30s. I really don't feel MY age, which is somewhere north of 40 and just slightly south of 50.
Have a great 40th year!

And remember - children keep you young, but first they make you old.

Rob Hardy said...

(1) A couple weeks ago, someone I hadn't seen in a while told me I looked ten years younger than the last time he saw me. That would make me 36.

(2) About five years ago, I went into the Cow with my nephew and two of his friends, all of whom were 21. I was 40. We were all carded. The bartender had to look twice at my ID. "40?" she said. "I thought you were all 21."

Moral of the story: You're only as old as other people think you are.

Rita said...

Happy BIRTHDAY! And yes, I totally agree, 40 is the new 32, which, according to THAT math, means that *I* am only 29.

Yes, I really like your math. Let's go with it.

Shannon said...

@Rita--I wish! @Rob--Which is exactly why I'm trying so desperately to contain the wrinkles.

Mary S. said...

@Rob -- So true about the variability of other people's perceptions of our ages. The mother of one of my older daughter's friends INSISTS that I am 10 years younger than I am. I love that lady!!! And, every time I'm around her, I just glow with youth, irregardless of the wrinkles.

Christopher Tassava said...

I've had more than one coworker at Carleton express disbelief that you're much past 30. Which you aren't, as far as they know (unless they read this blog).