Thursday, February 03, 2011

I Need New Pants.

For example, this is the wrong color. I know! I'm very demanding.

So you know how it's next to impossible to find the perfect-fitting pants, and then when you do, the company never fails to CHANGE THEIR STYLES COMPLETELY in the time it takes you to fall in love with the pants you so happily found and decide you need another pair? Or, as for me, in the time (six years maybe?) it took me to have a couple babies, nurse them, wean them, become a runner again, lose ten or twelve pounds (beyond the baby weight, I mean), and thus need a new pair of perfect chinos?

Yeah, that happened to me, with my Gap Classic Chinos. So now I am on a quest to find myself a new pair of chinos. Except I'm picky. They have to, you know, fit. And they have to be that pale, stone/natural color, not tan or olive. Plus they have to flatter my relatively-unusual (?) body, which is petite (only 5'3"), slim (*size 4 maybe? sometimes 2 if I'm not gorging myself on Christmas cookies or chocolate-covered peanuts in a flurry of winter-related misery? but, you know--no guarantee on that), and yet super curvy. Yes, you all. You can be slim but curvy. A ten-to-eleven-inch difference between waist and hip measurements is curvy.

So anyway! Go on over to Susan Wagner's style blog and leave me a recommendation for the perfect chinos. For a short, cranky, curvy runner girl like me who only likes one chino color. K, thanks.

[*Edited to add: Someday let's talk a little bit about how the size that you wear now, in 2011, is one that would have been labelled, oh, two or so sizes larger not all that long ago. Did you know about this? Because people, yes--I am a small person; but believe me, ten years ago this size body would not have fit into a size-4 chino--or any other piece of clothing--let alone the occasional 2. Ridiculous.]

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Rita said...

You know, I find myself being thankful they've upped the sizing... as I feel like less of an obese pig when I go shopping.

But I suppose it *would* make life difficult for you skinny girls.

(I wouldn't know... as I have never really BEEN skinny.)

Besides, don't you skinny girls look good in EVERYTHING? Like, you could put on a barrel held up by suspenders and just look adorable? At least, that's what I always thought. But I stand corrected - clearly even skinny girls have problems.

And oh how I'd love to have skinny girl problems.